Raad Alhajer was born in Thekar. When he completed his first year he and
his family moved to the capital city Baghdad.
There he completed his universal study at the university of Mustansiriya.

In the 80’s Raad Alhajer joined the youth central and different music courses where he learned the basics of the Iraqi maqams and the rules for singing. He also learned to play on different music instruments such as the drums, bas guitar, and different sorts of percussion instruments.Raad Alhajer became skilled and was capable to play the instruments and sing at the same time. He preformed with many well known Iraqi music groups at that time such as Group Baghdad and Group Babel.

In 1991 Raad Al Hajer moved to Jordan. In this period of his live he succeeded in continuing his musical career by joining a well known Jordan music group Al Shawaty.
Raad Alhajer managed to make a good music mix between the Jordan an Iraqi music. In this period the Singer also managed to make his first album of well known Arabic and Iraqi songs.

In 1994 Raad Alhajer moved again but his time much further away to Holland. In spite of the many troubles he went through in this period he succeeded in enduring his musical career by help to implement an Iraqi music group with a Dutch manager named Eshtar The group preformed in many festivals and feast all over Holland and succeed to win the admire and love of as well the Iraqi people as the Dutch people.

After a while Raad Alhajer changed
his style and brought out an other sort of music group of his own by presenting Iraqi pop music combined with Iraqi traditional instruments.

He also presented his first own CD with Iraqi songs written and tuned by famous Iraqi song and melody writers. Raad Alhajer surprised his fans also by write 3 of his songs himself. This first CD had many success by Iraqi, Arab and Dutch fans of Raad Alhajer.

Raad Alhajer is still continuing his good work by performing all over Holland and also in Germany and Belgium. Here by pass and send threw the good image of Iraqi music to his public.

Raad Al Hajer
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Om Shama - Nijmegen Vierdagsefeest 2009

Jobi - Nijmegen Vierdagsefeest 2009


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